Floods In Pakistan

I’m sure you have all seen in the news the terrible devastation of the Pakistan floods at the moment, which is the worst flooding to hit the area in 80 years causing immeasurable amounts of chaos and destruction. It has so far affected over 2.5 million people and with a death toll of 1,100 and rising it looks like this is going to be a hard time fro anyone in the area. Rescuers reckon there are still 27,000 people who are cut off by the floods and in the worst areas entire villages got swept away in an instant without any warning.

The hard work is only just beginning for people trying to help as the thousands and thousands of now homeless people struggle to find food and clean water that hasn’t been contaminated by the flood water. Fears of illness and cholera spreading because of this are high and the relief effort has been struggling to provide enough food and shelter.

To help with the relief effort you can give to the Pakistan flood donations here and remember that every little helps and it would also be amazing if people could spread the word through whatever means they have (blog posts, facebook, twitter etc) so that as many people can donate as possible.

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    • Tom
    • August 27th, 2010

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